Friday, October 17, 2014

Kind of Harem Painting

Brenn and His Share of the Spoils (1893) by the French painter Paul Jamin (1853-1903). Jamin depicts here the Gallic chieftain who sacked Rome probably in 387 BC in the popular manner of an Orientalistic harem painting. So it's in the end more the modern French going to a luxury brothel.


  1. The men look like uncouth, filthy ruffians. The women look oppressed but they are surrounded by elegant pottery, perfume, sculpture, textiles etc. Perhaps those objects were part of the spoils, along with the women.

  2. Sure that all are 'spoils'. But I don't think that they look like filthy ruffians or at least that the artist intented that.
    Brenn is a symbol of Gallic pride and the French Jamin is very proud of him.