Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Proud Nude

Isabelle and Orleans (1938) by the great Australian artist Norman Lindsay (1879-1969). The French Princess Isabella of Valois (1387-1410) was the daughter of King Charles VI. Her childhood marriage at the age of eight to Richard II of England sought peace between the two counties. Following Richard's grisly murder, Henry IV tried to marry her off to his son, the future Henry V of Agincourt fame. Isabella refused and eventually returned to France, where she married Charles, Duke of Orléans at Compiègne in 1406. The marriage, however, was brief, Isabella dying in her early twenties giving birth to their daughter, Joan.


  1. Norman Lindsay presented the married couple in a very strange way. Orleans looks lustful and menacing; Isabelle looks resigned or resentful. I wonder if that said more about Lindsay than it did about the royal couple

  2. But history painting was always more about the painters and theit time than about history.