Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kindof Pin-Up

Plated by the Italian comic book writer and artist Milo Manara (born 1945). He shows here Joan of Arc the legendary The Maid of Orléans as kindof medieval pin-up.
Before someone argues against the decline of history painting he should perharps consider that many aknowledged 19th century painters did more or less the same.


  1. Could that sword be any more between her legs?

  2. Hi, Manara is more known for his scantily clad ladies than as a painter of History.
    When it comes to dear Jeanne (I am French) I would suggest you have a look at the infamous poster done by Hitler's PR boys in 1944.
    It is highly interesting because it plays a twist on the story.
    Rouen 1431 ... we all know who burnt the Saint and Burgudians were not innocent.
    Rouen 1944 ... in the months prior to D-Day Britain and America had not a lot of options. Carpet-bombing was necessary. It was a tragedy, but the resukt was mt country freedom.
    Still Hitler did his best to alter Jeanne story. Let's never forget that Jeanne is a proto-freedom fighter. Certainly not approving of Nazi occupation.
    Yet on the infamous poster you can see Joan on her pyre, at her feet a burning city (Rouen cathedral is a well known French site), the caption is an horrible but real poster so bear with me: Murderers/Assassins always return on the location of their crime... Pure Axis propaganda. Painting History is also about personal agendas in the painting and the alteration of truth.

  3. @saintixe56
    sure there are lots of Jeannes and history painting is mostly about ideology and sometimes about pin-ups.
    But thanks, I will have a look into these Nazi posters. I have already a little collection, but I never came upon Jeanne d'Arc. Sounds interesting.