Saturday, July 21, 2012

Slaughterhouse Troy

Andromache (1884) by the French painter Georges-Antoine Rochegrosse (1859-1938). Andromache was the wife of the Trojan hero Hector, who was slain by Achilles. When Troy felt Ulysses tried to kill her son and she became a Greek prisoner and slave. So, Rochegrosse gives here an impressive view of what happened in Troy after its fall.


  1. A very disturbing piece, and a bit oddly composed. Andromache is almost lost in all the busy-ness of the figures assaulting her and surrounding corpses. My eye is seized by the splash of blood, follows through her to her child Astyanax, then up the stairs to the figure in the corner which has no real role in the drama.
    Nevertheless, the painting is a a powerful indictment against the horrors of war.

  2. Rochegrosse knew his trade well. But I think he wasn't so much against war, he was looking more for the big spectacle, he was kind of a pre Hollywood director.
    And because this painting has a big effect it was used by the American deathrock band Christian Death for their first album "Only Theatre of Pain".
    These paintings are much more about theatre and illusion than about realism.