Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marble Past

Spring (1894) by the Dutch born British painter Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadelma (1836-1912).

One of the typical idyllic simulations of old Rome by Alma-Tadelma. All is splendid marble, colourful flowers, celebrating women and jubilant children. What a time!


  1. Alma Tadema is my all-time favourite late Victorian and Edwardian artist. Yet his name just about disappeared from the annals of art history when he fell out of favour after his death in 1912. I know tastes change, but how can anybody NOT have liked Spring?

    By the way, since Alma Tadema lived in Britain for 42 years and was a naturalised citizen, I would tend to call him British or British-Dutch :)

  2. You are absolutely right concerning that he was much more a British painter, I will change that.
    Futhermore he was an impressive painter, a perfectionist. But I think you should admit or consider that he was very, very cheesy artist.