Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Middle Ages

A Paige by the French painter Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1889).

Cabanel was one of he most influential artists in 19th century France. He was part of the jury of the important Paris Salon. He and Bougereau were responsible that the later impressionist artist weren’t allowed to exhibit their work in the Salon of 1863.
So a kind of ultra-traditionalist artist he presents here his interpretation of a sweet romantic past: a medieval page. The cheesy work was bought by emperor Napoleon III.


  1. The Alexandre Cabanel painting looks almost Orientalist in its style - the background, the clothes, the weapon, the lad's stance. The cloak and sword are terrific.

  2. Is the background gilded? I like the pattern. Painting remind me of Peshekhonov icons. They used and were well known of their gilded background.

  3. @Hels
    sure that Cabanel mastered the techniques perfectly. Probaly it reminds because of this of an orientalistic painting. It's a perfectly done illusion.

    I don't know if the background is gilded, but I don't think so, because there is a kind of tapestry. But sure that Cabanel took traditional medieval art as inspiration.