Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bitter Grief

Mourning her Brave (1883) by the American painter George de Forest Brush (1855-1941). A great symbolic painting about grief, the tragic end of a people.

Above all in it's simplicity and it's nearly abstract, two dimensional execution it's a really modern painting. It doesn't pretend to be realistic, it's a powerful impression of a tragedy.


  1. Good evening !!!
    After long time I am happy to see your post again , really is very interesting your comeback with this wonderful painting !!!
    Have a nice new week !!!

  2. Thanks. But I got a lot of work the last months. And because it's related with the web I'm normally a little tired of my blog.

  3. Hi,

    Is anyone know the meaning of "mouring her Brave" picture? I have to understand in order to write an essay...Please help....

  4. Don't know what's so difficult. There is an Indian woman griefing about the loss of all the dead warriors.
    Maybe she's the last of her people.